High Speed Internet

With UniTel’s Broadband Internet you’re always turned on, and, unlike cable, you never have to share a connection with your neighbors.


Residential Broadband Plans up to 1Gb

Business Broadband Plans up to 1Gb


All of our Broadband Plans Include:

  • Unlimited access to the Internet and the World Wide Web
  • Free modem*
  • Five (5) Uninet email addresses with 1GB of Storage per address
  • E-Scout - SPAM Filtering and Virus Protection Service
  • Local 24/7 Technical Support: 1-888-760-1048, Option 2
  • Domain Name address options

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 UniTel's Acceptable Use Policy

UniTel's Network Management Practices 

UniTel's Landlord Premise Work Form


*UniTel provides an external modem with no monthly fee.  The modem is specially selected for optimum performance with UniTel service and remains UniTel property. Modems must be returned in the original box, with filters, phone cord and network cable to UniTel upon discontinuance of service or a fee of $125.00 will be assessed on the final bill. Check now for availability.