UniTel Testimonials: Gary Walker

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Gary Walker

 My name is Gary Walker and I own a business, Downeast Welding Consultants and Inspections in Albion, ME, that requires my phone service to be dependable and also my internet connections to be reliable.

 I operate my business out of my home and have clients, that include Pulp and Paper, Utilities and heavy construction, who are located worldwide and when they need my help; they need it now.

 Like many home/business owners in today’s world I have done all of my own phone and computer wiring and there are times that I have been very frustrated with my connections and have contacted Unitel for assistance. The service that I received at my business has been exemplary. Same day service is often times available. For a nominal charge their men have checked all of my wiring, the connections, installation of filters as needed, and have been able to explain to me the reason for my problems and they have made corrections as required. To carry their service further, I use Mac computers and other Apple products in my business and I have been able to go to their Unitel/Uninets office and sit down with their staff and set up my computers whenever there has been an interface issue.


I must say that the Unitel company has always been responsive to my telephone/computer needs and I hope that others experience the same professional and personal service that they have to offer.