Business High Speed Internet

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Business Service Address
All of our internet plans Include:
  • Unlimited access to the web
  • Local Technical Support: toll-free at 1-888-760-1048, Option 2
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UniTel provides an external modem for our internet services. Our modem is specially selected for optimum performance with UniTel service and remains UniTel property. Modems must be returned in the original box, with all related equipment to UniTel upon discontinuance of service or a fee of will be assessed on the final bill. UniTel will be responsible for the modem during the first year of service only. During the first year, UniTel will provide one replacement modem at no charge if the modem is defective, damaged due to lightning, wear or malfunction. After the first year, all customers will be charged a fee for a replacement modem. Please contact us at 207-948-3900 for additional information. Internet services are provided by UniCap, Inc., UniTel’s affiliate. Internet customers that are disconnected for non-payment will be charged a $37.50 reconnection fee. DSL Modem non-return fee of $100. Fiber Modem non-return fee $350. Specific plans, pricing and technologies not available in all areas.