Unitel’s Broadband Network to be Expanded Thanks to ConnectME Grant Award

UNITY – UniTel has been awarded a ConnectME Authority (ConnectME) grant to assist with expanding and enhancing UniTel’s high-speed broadband service to homes and businesses in its service area. The ConnectME grant will be matched by UniTel as part of its strategic plan to expand availability of its fiber network by bringing Fiber To The Home (“FTTH”) to its customers.  The UniTel fiber optic network infrastructure will be capable of delivering 32 mbps both up and down, customizable to 1 gigabyte per second.

 Starting in 2015, both UniTel’s business and residential customers will have access to world-class broadband speeds and data connections for ongoing operations and future growth. Local residents will have access to instantaneous HD downloads and broadband support for unlimited household devices. Additionally, customers will be able to eliminate the ever-escalating costs of cable TV services.

According to UniTel’s CEO Laurie Osgood,  “Upon completion of the expansion, UniTel will operate one of the fastest fiber optic networks in Maine and the US.”

Phil Lindley, ConnectME Executive Director, states, “ConnectME is pleased to be partnering with UniTel on the build out of their Fiber To The Home networks thereby stimulating local economic development and enhancing the quality of life in the communities they serve.”

In addition to the network expansion, UniTel is part of a unique partnership with the Unity Foundation, the Sewall Company, Axiom Technologies & Training Center and Skills Inc. to maximize the residential and business use of this state of the art infrastructure via free educational courses and low/no cost connection devices.

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About UniTel: UniTel was established in 1902; and since then, has been providing unparalleled customer service and technology to Albion, Dixmont, Knox, Newburgh, Thorndike, Troy, Unity and surrounding areas. UniTel offers high-speed broadband for both residential and business customers with speeds up to 100 MBps, free modems, and free installation. In addition to their dedication to customer service, UniTel is committed to maintaining the highest level of technology. They have invested over $10 million in the past 10 years to expand their digital fiber network. UniTel is also a devoted community advocate supporting a host of local charities and organizations.