Hosted Solutions

UniTel offers Hosted Solutions for business customers in need of acquiring, upgrading or replacing a telephone system. A Hosted Solution offers the features and benefits of a phone system without the large investment.

  • UniTel’s Hosted Solution is a central office-based, full-featured voice telephone communications system intended for any size multi-line location.
  • The Hosted Solution is unaffected by power failures so your business can keep operating even when the power’s out.
  • A Hosted Solution can reduce capital investments by lessening the necessity of expensive equipment at your location.
  • A Hosted Solution by UniTel keeps the support of your system local rather than hours away from your location.
  • Feature options include: Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Call Transfer, Speed Calling, Three-Way Calling, Line Hunt, Call Hold, Voice Mail, and many more!

Please contact your local business representative today at 948-3900 to find out more.