UniTel Announces 2018 Directory Cover Photo Contest Winner

June 29, 2018

UNITY, ME – UniTel has announced that Vicky Silke of Dixmont has been chosen as the winner of its 2018 Directory Cover Photo Contest. Silke submitted a photo of a chickadee among some apple blossoms, which was taken in her own backyard. For submitting the winning entry, Silke is receiving a Roku box for her home, $200 in spending cash, and her photo will be featured on the UniTel 2018-2019 Directory cover.

Silke’s entry was one of dozens submitted through the UniTel website in May. The winner was chosen by UniTel staff based on creativity, uniqueness, and quality of the photo.

“We had many great entries and this was a very difficult decision for all of us,” said Laurie Osgood, CEO of UniTel. “But what that tells me is that there are lots of talented people who have a great eye for photography in this area. We now have an absolutely beautiful photo for the cover of our directory, which should be arriving late this Summer.”

Vicky Silke is a Maryland native who has lived in Maine for more than two decades. She has grown as a photographer since moving to Maine, spending her spare time capturing beautiful wildlife around her home and beyond. Silke’s love for photography started when she was a teenager working at a local camera shop. She saved enough money to buy a camera and start learning. Today she is a member of the Eastern Maine Camera Club and is experimenting with photo editing software and new cameras.

“Capturing Maine’s natural beauty through the eyes of a lens is such a joy,” said Silke. “I encourage anyone to do it. It makes you appreciate this state and have a greater appreciation for this craft. People who are aspiring photographers should absolutely spend time doing it. Get to know your camera and take lots of photos. Once you know how your camera works, you can really experiment with your abilities and learn.”

John Olson’s submission “Bees” was awarded 2nd place, and Mike Langeluttig’s submission “Lake Scene” was awarded 3rd place honors. UniTel plans to bring the contest back next year.

About UniTel: UniTel, locally owned and managed, was established in 1902; and since then, has been providing unparalleled customer service and technology to Albion, Dixmont, Knox, Newburgh, Thorndike, Troy, Unity and surrounding areas including downtown Belfast.. In addition to their dedication to customer service, UniTel is committed to maintaining and expanding its BlueStreak high speed broadband technologies. UniTel has invested over $10 million in the past 10 years to expand its digital fiber network. UniTel is also a devoted community advocate supporting a host of local charities and organizations. For more information, please visit www.unitelme.com