UniTel Announces Promotions and New Hires

March 7, 2018

(UNITY, MAINE) – With changing technologies, the expansion of our fiber network, and a commitment to provide superior service to our customers, UniTel is proud to announce the following PROMOTIONS AND NEW HIRES:

UniTel Team

UniTel recognizes the dedication and talent of three employees who have been recently promoted: 

Markus White has been promoted to IT/Wireless Technician after 17 years at UniTel. Markus will be responsible for UniTel’s day-to-day technical operations and related networks, including all system hardware and software.

Melissa White has been promoted to a Customer Support Specialist, a new position created by the company to create a first point of contact for duties pertaining to the outside network records, and system-related issues. Melissa has worked at UniTel for 18 years.

Scott Turgeon has been promoted to Lead Communications Technician II after 2 years at UniTel and 18 years in the telecommunications industry. Scott will be responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of all of UniTel’s communication facilities.

UniTel also welcomes three new employees to the UniTel Team:

Kirby Mitchell has joined UniTel’s Customer Service team as a Sales & Service Representative focusing on providing exceptional customer care and sales.  Kirby is a graduate of Thomas College with a BS in Business Management and worked as an Intern at UniTel and Unity Foundation during her senior year.  We are very pleased to welcome Kirby as a permanent, full-time employee at UniTel.

Robert “Luke” Bean has been hired as a Communications Technician II, focusing on the installation, operation, and maintenance of communications facilities. Luke has more than a dozen years of experience in the industry.

David Dow has been hired as the Senior Network Operations Engineer, another new position created by the company, working on the integration of all aspects of various company and customer networks. David has more than 20 years of experience in the industry in Maine.

“We are excited about the opportunity to promote valued employees from within and welcoming our new employees to meet the changing needs of our customers with the evolving technological advancements due to UniTel’s investment in the expansion of our network.” said Laurie Osgood CEO/President.